Key Fob Copy Prices

(includes iClass Fob Copy service in Toronto)


Is your building charging you $100 to $400 for an extra fob?

Get your HID, AWID, Indala, IoProx, and iClass fob copy in Toronto this week and save hundreds in the process. Come by to our very own storefront near Bay and Bloor Starbucks!

Pricing Details

Key Fob Copy Pricing Guide

Incremental pricing for key fob copying services: i.e. particularly $45 for the first, similarly $75 for 2, $105 for 3, and $135 as well as for 5 and so on.

While moreover on-Site service can be done for us to come to you as well as for another $10 on the distance from our downtown store location or at our North York location.

Please inquire through text at 416-931-0225 or shoot a message to our Google page to see the total for your purchase of copying additionally, your extra condo key fobs. While these types may vary depending on difficulty.

Standard fobs apply to HID, AWID, Pyramid, Indala, GPROX III, ICT, Paradox, IoProx.

High Encryption Fob Key pricing differ and are higher. $75 for iClass HID (Blue, Black Hexagons, or Card Fobs) each, and while $65 each for Mifare fob keys and so on.

The reason why the key fob copying prices differ is that, in fact we have spent much more in research and development to be able to properly. And now surely we safely dump the data into the proper fob keys using genuine RFID chips to ensure every bit has been transferred correctly into your new fob equally.

While It requires more power and processes to allow for copying the fob, perfectly functioning and efficiently. (It takes about 5-10 minutes no matter which type of fob you’re copying with us at FobToronto. Similarly other services with less capability take up to 2 hours).

After all, we will diagnose the type of key fob upon appointment with our designated software. In addition, although in order to determine which pricing applies to your fob key model. And 95% chance of your fob being a standard fob key that we can 100% create a key fob clone, and while moreover 5% chance that it will be either a MiFare or iClass HID fob for the respective pricing. 

Now please feel free to book an appointment when you’re ready by clicking here. In addition we also have walk-in availability from 10 to 7 PM Monday to Saturday (11 to 6 on Sundays) near Bay and Bloor at 47 Charles St. W near the Starbucks at the corner of the street. Now again see you soon!

*In fact Lifetime warranty does not cover condo management fob code changes and physicaldamage to the fob (cracks, bending, separation of the fob, etc.)


*** We will match competitor pricing and offer a special bonus service to save your fob code in case you lose your fob! ***