Key Fob Copy Service in Markham

The best key fob duplication service in Markham. We clone key fobs through our partner Minute Fob, at Affordable Lock during their business hours. Check out Minute Fob’s store locator to book a time to drop by today.

Visit Affordable Lock Services In Downtown Markham

Use Minute Fob's Store Locator

Visit the store locator app to check where the Markham based key fob copying partner is located and plan your trip to visit sometime this week. 

Visit Minute Fob Partner Store for Quote

Come by to Affordable Lock services to get your key fob copy in just minutes! Our partner will be able to clone your key fob right away or in up to 20 minutes depending on the type of your fob. 

Purchase Fob with 30 Day Guarantee

Minute Fob will ensure that the key fob works for 30 days from the date of purchase with receipt. Rest assured that your fob will work exactly as the original and is untraceable to management. 

Markham Based and Right in Downtown

We’re expanding into stores nearest you into popular locations and areas like downtown Markham. We’ve noticed a lot of condos around and we want to give the same great experience to customers of Minute Fob across the GTA! Call Affordable Lock Services today and inquire to make sure that they can copy your fob, and send a picture of your fob to minutefob@gmail.com if you want to ensure that your key fob is compatible for duplication.

HID iClass Key Fob Copy

Why Choose Minute Fob Copying?

key copy low prices

Best Service + Low Pricing

Save hundreds of dollars or up to 75% of the fees that management charges you to get another fob, and get it quickly. 

key copy fast services

Rapid Services

Don’t wait weeks or be restricted to getting a fob during business hours when you’re busy yourself. We’re open in the daytime whenever you’re ready. 

ioprox key fob copy customer support

Available Anytime by Email

Got questions about your key fob and if it can be copied? Contact us through minutefob@gmail.com and we’ll be right there to answer any questions you may have. 

Other FobToronto Locations

FobToronto (Downtown Store)

Please visit our Downtown office today and get an extra fob for your family and friends.

FobToronto (North York Location)

Please visit our North York office today and get an extra fob for your family and friends.

Contact Us

Now that you know you’re compatible, you’re ready to start the journey to come visit us at our location or email us a picture of your key / fob / remote beforehand to ensure we can do it before you make your way.