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Tap only (no buttons). These remotes we cannot do. Only the back fob portion if applicable. Please book an appointment or text a picture of your remote to ask if compatible. We like to assist our customers regarding garage remote copy and garage remotes services.

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The key fob or garage remote key fob you have selected only works for the RFID portion, but you can message with a picture of your garage remote to 416-931-0225 to make sure.

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How It Works

We Read Data

Developed with the most optimal technology, we get the most accurate reading for most key fobs & remotes. We’ll even triple check the reading.

We Write Data

We duplicate your code with our equipment into a new key fob, with all the fob copying done within a minute (or two).

You Get a Fob

Your key fob has been perfectly duplicated and you can walk out with a spare key fob. Oh, and you’re also lifetime warranty covered.

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Ready? Set? Save!

See you at our office for the garage remote copy and garage remotes services! Now that you know you’re compatible, you’re ready to start the journey to come visit us at our location.

More Details Before Next Steps:

There are special cases of certain garage remotes copy units, and it depends on the building issuing it with respective access to certain areas in your building.

Anything with KeyScan however we can copy your garage remote using our proprietary software and hardware. And we happy to provide great service with a warranty covering 1 replacement within 1 month of your remote working perfectly.

Physical damage is not covered however, and would warrant a full replacement cost of $110 for 1 and $95 for each garage remote copy per meeting. This price includes the RFID portion on the back of your remote. And in case if just the remote buttons you’d like copied then it will cost $70 each (and it will look different, with the same functionality if it is compatible).

Even some other garage remote models can be done at our copying appointment, and as a general guideline. About 50% of the remotes that are out there in the market we can copy. Text or call us and send a picture and we can get this process started right away. If compatible, we can meet this week, if not, then condo management would be the only option to get another unit from (albeit it being super expensive and inconvenient).

Please book an appointment in advance and/or text us a picture of your remote to let you know for sure if we can copy it before we meet up.


More Questions?

Email: [email protected]
Toronto phone number: 416-931-0225