IoProx Copy – Fob Cloning

Need a copy or a replacement of your apartment and condo key fob? Our technicians are here to help. Copy one or more IoProx or other compatible apartment and condo key fobs with our special pricing inclusive of the lifetime warranty. The prices are including all the taxes, no hidden fees. The #1 IoProx key fob copy services in Downtown Toronto and North York.

ioprox key fob copy


ioprox key fob rfid grey

IoProx Grey Fob Clone / Copy

Grey teardrop shape, most popular model in the IoProx family of products

white ioprox card access fob copy

White IoProx Card Access Fob Clone / Copy

White card with card format with RFID coil all around in the inner working of card.

For IoProx Key Fob Copy Bookings:

Choose your own date and time to schedule your appointment to save time. A confirmation message or call will be forwarded to you.

we read your fob data

IoProx Fob Data Reading

With the help of technology, we’ll ensure that the reading for your IoProx key fob copy is 100% perfect. We repeat the reading process.

we write your apartment fob data

IoProx Data Writing

We scan the code from the back of your IoProx fobs to make a new digital copy of it and the whole process will take just 2-minutes.

et your ioprox copy

Get Your 100% Working Copy

Now you can take an extra IoProx fob copy for yourself and family members. If you’ll increase the copy limit then we’ll decrease the prices.

IoProx Fob Cloning - (Retail Service)

Book your appointment or directly visit our offices for the perfect copy of your fob. It takes only 2-minutes.

IoProx Key Duplication - (On-Site Service)

If you are busy and not come to our office, just contact us for on-site services at your doorstep.

IoProx Fob Duplication - (Mail-In-Service)

You can now send us your condo IoProx fob to us and we’ll deliver the copy to you within 1 week.

get an extra ioprox key fob copy today

IoProx Fob Cloning Service for Apartments

Have a problem with your IoProx key fob? Contact us now! Our qualified and experienced specialists can help you perfectly copy your fob. Make an extra condo, apartment and building fob copy for your tenants, employees, friends or family members. Prices are including all the taxes, no hidden fees.

We use a genuine RFID fob to make a copy of your fob and it works perfectly.


“The #1 IoProx key duplication service in Toronto“.

A Perfect IoProx Fob Copy

The most budget prices with quality services is a guarantee.

 We can copy all the fobs especially, RFID, HID. Indala, Salto, IoProx and gate remotes and much more. We recommend checking the compatibility of your IoProx key fob here: https://www.fobtoronto.ca/key-fob-copy-check-compatibility/

 And if you are confused that we can make a copy or not of your fob then click here to check that which kind of fobs we duplicate: https://www.fobtoronto.ca/compatible-key-fob-types/

The fob copy process is not easy, and updated technology required to do it correctly, that’s why we make updates daily.

 Contact us for more questions or read our FAQ page to know more: https://www.fobtoronto.ca/faq/

 We deal in all types of garage remotes and KeyScan remotes, but we only copy the buttons of your remotes. The car key copying and key cutting Toronto services are also available.

FobToronto offers fob copying services in Downtown and North York, to get discounted prices, please click here: https://www.fobtoronto.ca/key-fob-copy-prices/