Copy Key Fob to a Phone

Get a clone of your condo, apartment, or office key fob attached to your phone using our state of the art 3M adhesive technology this week!

Make an Apple iPhone or Android mobile into a key fob using our RFID sticker fob to attach onto it. A high-tech phone fob service inclusive of a lifetime warranty.

Make access for yourself a lot more enjoyable by downsizing your keys in minutes with FobToronto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it work the same as a regular key fob?

Yes, the same genuine RFID chip coil embedded inside generates the same cloned code from your original fob that will emit the access code to allow you to enter your building.

Price comparison: sticker fob vs regular key fob

The price is identical with respect to the type of key fob you get cloned, based on your original key fob’s frequency (mifare or standard) as shown above in our pricing table.

Why is it better to use a key fob on a phone?

It can be used to downsize all the keys you have, and everytime you need to access other amenities you don’t need the actual key fob out of your pocket. So, no need to look for the right fob to access that door anymore with a phone sticker fob; you can just hold the back of your phone up to the reader, and BAM, you got access.

Any downsides to getting a sticker fob?

The only thing that comes to mind is that you have to commit to the phone that you have as it uses a 3M adhesive sticker to stay attached on the back of your phone. Also, if you have more than one phone case, then you need to keep using the phone case with the sticker fob attached so it limits your phone case use if differing ones. We recommend it if you’re going to stick with your phone + phone case for over 1 year. Worst case, you can buy some adhesive 3M tape that’s double sided to attach it to a new phone / phone case when you upgrade your phone.

Is it durable?

Yes, it’s very durable. It has a strong TPS plastic coating wrapping the coil very tightly, so it lasts years without issue provided care is given to the phone sticker. If it gets broken physically, then we can help you out and replace it if there’s no code showing on it upon scanning. If the code did change however by management remotely, we can still change the code for a rewrite fee (if applicable for the type of fobs you have, sometimes it isn’t possible if it’s a high frequency one and you’d need to get a whole new fob as they are 1-time writes only).

Will it work?

Yes! Lifetime warranty to cover this, and we try our best to make our customers happy with our product and service. Just show us your receipt if it didn’t work and we can make it right by replacement, rewrite, or refund if purchased within a short time frame from the date of purchase. Without any extra cost you’ll get:

1. A free backup code
2. A lifetime warranty
3. Free lifetime support
and much more.