Pop a Lock Car Key Fob Copy

Car Key Fob Copy & Programming

Get a new key fob for your vehicle for your lost, stolen, or spare copy for your car. We provide car key fob copy and programming through our trusted partner, Pop-A-Lock in a variety of local markets.

Why Copy Your Car Key Fob?

Below are the main reasons our customers get a key fob copied for their car:

Full services include:
  • Ignition Switch Repair

    Whether it is a damaged-out ignition lock that got stuck or broken, we replace it on site within minutes.


  • Unlock Car Doors

    Whether you lost your key or forgot them inside, our skilled technicians can unlock your car and give the access back in no time.


  • Lost Car Key Replacement & Rekeying

    We provide excellent car key or smart key replacement with a completely reprogrammed remote within an hour.


  • Key Copy / Car Remote Duplication

    Whether you’ve lost your key or damaged the remote, we can duplicate your key/remote on the spot which will come handy even in emergencies.


  • Transponder keys / Programming keys

    We provide Transponder keys creation and fixing damaged ones, we can also program new keys from scratch or reprogram keys that have a program failure.

save hundreds of dollars on car key programming toronto

Save Hundreds of Dollars

Most dealerships charge up to $500 for a car key programming Toronto. Pay only a fraction of that this week and book your appointment today!

guaranteed car key copying services

Guaranteed to Work

Get warranty for your purchase and don’t worry that it won’t work. We have copied for many customers both in Toronto and Vancouver!

fully funcation extra car key fob copy

Rest Assured You Won't Lose a Fob

You now have an extra or replaced fob that’s fully functional and ready to carry you to your next destination. 

Ready to go?

Need a Condo Key Fob Too?

Go to either our fob checker page or our book appointment page (or just visit our storefront this week anytime from 10 am to 7 pm daily). We welcome you to book your appointment or come by!

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