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Let’s meet in the next week and we can get you settled as soon as possible by providing you with a brand new condo keys fob copy units for easy access with lifetime warranty upon contacting us to grab your brand new apartment key copy, and fobs to match.

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  • Jay L ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I had to get two keys and a fob copied urgently. … More FobToronto was able quickly and easily make the copies of all three in under 10 minutes. The service was quick and painless. I was able to confirm that they could make copies of my keys and fob through their website which was extremely easy to navigate and understand. It took me longer to walk to their location from my office (15 min) then it was to get the items copied. Even had time to enjoy lunch!
    They were responsive via FB Messenger and text message regarding availability for a walk-in or to book an appointment. The staff are friendly and take care of your needs.
    This is simply the best place to get your keys, fob, and other devices copied at a fair price and quickly.
  • Morgan ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Had a great, extremely quick experience getting … More both my FOB and key copied. I was worried because I was about to leave for a trip and needed an extra set to give my cat sitter and left everything last minute. There was no wait time, I handed my fob over to the employee and she reviewed the price with me. Pretty much the second I confirmed with her she handed me back the completed FOB, I was honestly surprised how fast the whole process was, probably 10 seconds total.
    The key was almost as quick, took about one minute to copy. It's super convenient that I could get the FOB and key copied at the same place. Had my fingers crossed on my way home and It worked perfectly to get me into my building right away. I also tried it for the parking garage and garbage room, and had an equally successful experience. Key worked great too and I was so relieved to have gotten everything so quickly. 0 wait/ turnaround time and the employee was very friendly and informed on the product.
    It seemed they copied a wide range of FOBs, the copy they gave me didn't look exactly like my original one which didn't matter to me, but might be something worth checking out if it's important. I presume they would be able to give an exact replica as well. Photo attached is the FOB I was given, very similar size to my original and functions exactly the same. Cost was super reasonable compared to the 200$ buildings typically ask for FOB duplication.
    Can't recommend enough! I was so impressed with the whole experience.

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Now that you know you’re compatible, you’re ready to start the journey to come visit us at our location or email us a picture of your key / fob / remote beforehand to ensure we can do it before you make your way.