Key Cutting Service in Toronto

We’ll give a no hassle key cutting services in Toronto at a price less than your building management fees. Book an appointment or walk in anytime during our open hours on Google, at our downtown storefront.

Please review the compatibility of your key prior to using our key copy service to ensure we can copy!

Why Choose FobToronto?

Secure Services

Guaranteed to Work

We’ll guarantee it works as intended just as your original does. Our key copying machine traces your original key for a perfect cloning service. 

Trusted Services

Trusted In Toronto

As a 100% trusted key cutting service based in Toronto, we offer a lifetime warranty. With 10+ years of experience in Canada + US, we’ve got you totally covered.

money back guarantee

Refundable if Non-Working

You’ll get a money back guarantee if you bring our product back if it doesn’t work. You’ll never be stuck with a key that doesn’t work.

Most Trusted for Building Access Duplication

We give out a 100% Money-Back Guarantee with all of our key duplication services.

FobToronto is the #1 leader in copying services with
5 Star Google reviews.

We support 10 to 30 different key models which continues to rise every day! We get better and better with each key duplication which ensures we can get you a perfect working copy of your keys in just minutes out of your day. If you have keys that need duplicating, cutting them with us is made easy and affordably, guaranteed!

Best of all, compared with your building we provide relatively cheap key cutting services which are done within minutes. 

We offer all types of key cutting Toronto services, including a partnership to get our key blanks from Keysrus. such as key fob copying and even for car key cutting

Send us a picture of it at 416-931-0225 or book an appointment with us in minutes.

4.9 1,297 reviews

  • Chloe Qi ☆☆☆☆ 3 weeks ago
    I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction … More with the service provided at FobToronto. Last night, I visited your store and had a key copied by one of your employees. I was not offered any receipt for the transaction. Upon returning home, I discovered that the copied key did not work.
    In an attempt to rectify the situation, I sent my boyfriend to the store the following morning to inquire about a replacement. However, he was met with a different employee(female, refused to give us her name) who refused to provide assistance without a receipt.
    Given the lack of documentation provided to me during the initial transaction, I requested to speak directly with the employee via video call to address the issue. However, to my disbelief, I was informed that she refused to communicate with me (Asian female) and insisted on speaking solely to my boyfriend (white male). She even said to my boyfriend if I came over to the store she will refuse to copy the key for us.
    This blatant disregard for customer service and the discriminatory treatment I received leads me to believe that this is a race-related issue. It is absolutely unacceptable that in 2024, such discrimination and incompetence persist in a multicultural city like Toronto.
    *Update for the reply: Thank you Paul for the reply. I want to let you know the situation better. I was on the video call with your employee, I wasn't yelling at all. I didn't know why she think I was yelling and didn't even bother to talk to me or look at me. She didn't even communicate with me for one second or ask me to lower my voice (even though I wasn't yelling at all) she just ignored me. I'm deeply upset with her saying that she will refuse to copy the key for me if I came over instead of my boyfriend. That sounds racism to me. She made it difficult deliberately for us and force us to went back and forth so many times with the problem unresolved.
    I have nothing against your business Paul I hope you can educate your employee better and be more aware of what they say. and I do hope she can apologize to me.
    Btw, the key still doesn't work and I even paid for a 10% tips on my first visit.
  • Alexander Little ★★★★★ a week ago
    We visited this store for a key fob duplication … More and were impressed by the quick and efficient service. The staff member was friendly and professional, making the process smooth and hassle-free. I strongly recommend the fobs that stick to the back of your phone. I won't be able to go back to an ordinary fob now!

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