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The #1 AWID key fob copy services in Toronto. Get an AWID key fob copy or other compatible fobs with our special pricing inclusive of a lifetime warranty.

We can copy your car key fob in 2-minutes and have it in your hands within 5-minutes. No hidden charges at all. Confirm the appointment date and time and check the prices before meeting with us.

AWID Key Fob Copy - Model


black and grey awid key fob

Black and Grey AWID Fob

Black back and grey rubberized front, most popular model in the AWID family of products

HID card fob key grey door opener ICT 4 button keyscan dks tap only remote key fob copy schlage awid hid pyramid ict securakey toronto apartments replacements duplicate condominium

Card AWID Fob

White AWID card access fob that is in a key card format instead of a standard key fob. 

RBH Black and White Key Fob

RBH / Black "Regular" Look Fob

White or black key fob with text on it, we’d have to scan it to check if this is standard type frequency but is a common look for AWID and more standard fob types. 

Book your AWID Fob Duplication Appointment

We offer 24/7 online appointments for your comfort. Please choose a date and time for bookings and we’ll confirm it within minutes.

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Get Your Perfectly Functional AWID Key Fob Copy

We duplicate your key fob 100% perfectly, with zero chance of it not working as we will clone the code exactly as your original is programmed with. 

Make an extra key fob copy for your condo and apartments to save yourself and your family members from problems not accessing your unit.

The #1 AWID key fob programming service in Downtown Toronto and North York. 

we read key fob data 3

AWID Fob Reading

We developed the most optimal technology for accurate reading of your fobs and gate remotes. Thrice checking with zero percent mistake.

we write fob data 3

Data Writing of your Fobs

We duplicate the code from the back of your AWID fob, and the process takes 2-minutes hardly. Save your time!

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Get your Perfect AWID Fob

We duplicate your key fob 100% perfectly, with zero error the internal functioning remains the same. Guaranteed perfect copy.

Perfect AWID Key Fob Copy

We give a guarantee that the duplicate fob will work right whole for the lifetime. Exceptional quality and the best prices you will found.

FobToronto is the most experienced organization in Toronto. We are getting 100% positive reviews consistently for the past 10 years. The most affordable AWID fob duplication service in Toronto.

We deal with all the RFID fobs especially brands such as HID, Indala, Salto, AWID, IoProx and much more. We make a copy of your condos, apartments and car keys and other gate remotes.

AWID stands for: “Applied Wireless Identifications”. To know more about AWID fobs click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HID_Global

With the cheapest key cutting services in Toronto, you might wonder how we do it. We can copy your AWID key fob in 2-minutes, and there’s no need to leave your home. Contact us today and ask the answers to your questions freely!

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