Is Your Key Compatible? Check It Out! 

Use our key checker to see if your apartment condo key copy is compatible. Get a spare key before yours breaks, gets lost, or have an extra for roommates in 5 minutes or less!

Check The Compatibility Of Your Key

We support a whopping 10 to 30 different models and we’re growing selection on a daily / weekly basis. See the different key types below to determine if your condo and apartment key cut can be produced. Please determine your key to be directed to the next page to book an appointment.

Standard Keys

Mid-Secure Keys

High-Secure Keys

CityWide Keys

We Are Also Duplicating CityWide Keys

Citywide key duplication is also available at our downtown store. All you need to do is to bring your key and we will take care of the rest. 

Can’t Find Your Key?

If you couldn’t find your key in the pictures above do not worry. We might still be able to duplicate it. You can simply send us a quick text with a picture of your key and we’ll double check for you.

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Situated in both downtown and uptown based on appointment and/or walk-ins. We are happy to expand into the city that we love, for the customers we love working with. FobToronto Fob Copy is the #1 leading fob copying service in downtown Toronto and surely we’re happy to extend our offerings for many more years to come. In fact, our clients love us from all around the city!