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Infrared Remote IR Fob Copy

IR Remote Cloner Toronto – IR Remote Programming

Black One Button IR Infrared Key Fob

Black back and grey rubberized front, most popular model in the IR family of products in Downtown Toronto (Concord Cityplace, 70 / 80 / 90 Queens Wharf)

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We guarantee that the duplicated infrared remote works just as the original does with the same exact access.

Are you locked out? We can solve that problem by copying one of your spare condo IR fobs into an extra IR remote cloning.

It is a guarantee that the functioning system of your remote copy will remain the same and we give a 100% money-back guarantee to back that up.

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Perfectly Duplicated IR Key Fob Copy

We give a guarantee that the duplicate key fob will work perfectly from the day we copy it or your money back.

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We manage all the RFID fobs particularly brands, for example, HID, Indala, Salto, AWID, IoProx as well as Infrared IR gate remote copying plus much more.

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