Fob Copy and Key Cloning in the South Core

The top-rated key duplication services in South Core. We clone 85+ types of security fob models and provide cloning services in South Core for the past 10 years. Give us a call or text today to book your appointment with us!

South Core Based Key Fob Copying Solution

key duplication

Key Fob Duplication in South Core

We can make a copy of your apartment, condo, office or any other key fobs. The service only takes a mere 2-minutes roughly to get your your new access fob.

key cutting

Key Cutting Services in South Core

For a key cutting Downtown Toronto service call us today. Minute Fob and FobCouver are our key cutting partners and they or we should be very close to your location!

garage remote copy

Garage Remote Copy in South Core

Do you need a spare garage remote copy? Don’t worry we can make a copy of your garage remotes in minutes with a guarantee that it works. See if your remote can be copied here.

Key Fob Copying and Duplication in the South Core

Why Copy your Key Fob in the South Core?

key copy low prices

Best Service + Low Pricing

Save hundreds of dollars or up to 75% of the fees that management charges you to get another fob, and get it quickly. 

key copy fast services

Rapid Services

Don’t wait weeks or be restricted to getting a fob during business hours when you’re busy yourself. We’re open in the daytime whenever you’re ready. 

ioprox key fob copy customer support

Available Anytime by Email

Got questions about your key fob and if it can be copied? Get the convenience of having spare fobs for your roommates, family, and tenants without going through management! 

»Fob Types for South Core

We use advanced technology to copy car keys, car fob and other fobs. The brands with which we deal are AWID, RFID, HID, Indala, IoProx, Salto, KeyScan and more.

We also suggest for time saving purposes, checking the type of your fob and to see if we can clone or not. Always check the compatibility of your key fob and door remotes.

»24/7 Fob Cloning Appointments for South Core

During the COVID-19 we are offering 24/7 online appointments for our customers, especially for South Core residents. To know more about key duplication Toronto, our fob copy process, RFID vs NFC, how key fobs work and more please read the FobToronto FAQ page or contact us.

»Our Physical Store Locations

We are providing copying services all across Ontario, however, our physical stores are located in Downtown Toronto and North York.

»Our Next Mission

We are upgrading our services on a daily and we know about the problems of our customers e.g. car fob replacement is a big issue for the people of South Core. We are trying our best and very soon we are launching this service. 

Downtown Toronto Location

North York Location