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Change that today and get a Salto key fobs copy or other compatible key fobs with our special pricing inclusive of the lifetime warranty. The #1 fob copying service in Downtown Toronto and North York.

Salto Fob Copy


salto key fob copy

Black Salto Fob

Black back and white branded front, most popular model in the Salto products

Salto Fob Copy

Green KS Salto Fob

Full coloured front in green, red, or blue models with a silver top for keyring amongst the Salto products

Salto Key Fob Models - Salto Fobs

All Other Salto Fobs

Blue, Red, Black, Green, Yellow models should all be compatible with FobToronto’s advanced RFID copying solution.

Book your Salto Key Fob Copy Appointment:

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Save your Time

We finished the duplication of your Salto key fob and keyless garage remotes within 2 minutes.

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100% Reasonable Prices

Our prices are including all the taxes and fees. We don’t charge extra money to make the customers fool.

Accurate Reading of your Fobs

Developed with the latest technology, we get the most accurate reading of your Salto key fob for its duplication.

Exact Duplication

We duplicate your Salto fob code with our equipment into a new key fob, with all the process finished within 2 minutes.

Same Fob as Original

We duplicate your condo Salto key fobs perfectly and now you can walk on with an extra key fob. And moreover, with a lifetime warranty.

get an extra key fob copy

Get an Extra Salto Key Fob Copy


Make an extra Salto key fobs copy today at reasonable prices! It takes 2-minutes for us to do it.

There could be a little change in the design of your duplicate key fob, but the functioning system will remain the same as your original one has. We give a guarantee for it.

We offer discounts for multiple duplications at the same time, so feel free now and get an extra copy for your family members, friends and neighbours.

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A Perfect Salto Fob Copy

We don’t ask for an ID check at all. We don’t break any privacy and any other sensitive information. We just copy the code from the back of your fob.

We are up to date and also try to update the list of our Salto key fob types daily. There is no need to going any other way.

We recommend our customers to check the compatibility of Salto key fob types and garage remotes before visiting our office in Downtown Toronto and North York.


 The prices are different for the type of service you’d like to purchase, all including a lifetime warranty (including all the taxes).

Our timings are 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm during Sunday and holidays. You may come directly or book your online appointment at any time. 24/7 bookings are open for all the customers.

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