Linear Gate Remote Duplication

Change that today and get a copy or two linear gates remote with special pricing inclusive of a lifetime warranty. The #1 linear gate remote copying service in Toronto.

Linear Garage Access Remote 4 Button G4S


grey button linear garage remote

1 Grey Button Linear Remote

1 Grey button with black outer shell.

4 buttons read remote linear garage remotes

4 Button & Red Remote Linear

4 buttons with the last being red. We can copy this remote for rates as shown on our pricing page.

white button linear garage remote copying in toronto

1 White Button Linear

The same thing with 1 white button and red light below, for prices for remote and fob (main door/elevator) being priced separately. Save by getting both together.

Linear Gate Remote Copy Service Bookings:

Please select your own date and time to request below for your gate remote copy service. We’ll contact you quickly to talk about the scheduling date and time. Before coming check your fob type: https://www.fobtoronto.ca/compatible-key-fob-types/

we read data of linear garage remote

We Read Linear Remote Data

We get the exact reading using the optimal technology of your linear remotes. We repeat the process X3 time to confirm the exact reading.

we write data of linear garage remotes

We Write Linear Remote Data

After duplicating your linear gate remote we make a new copy of it. We know how to program a linear remote gate opener.

avail linear garage remotes duplication services in toronto

You Get a Remote

We duplicate your linear garage remotes within 2-minutes and you can walk out with a spare remote. The lifetime warranty included.

linear remote extra

Get Discount on Linear Remotes

Make an extra linear remote for your family members and friends. It takes 2 minutes for us to clone linear remote.

There could be a little change in the design, but we give a money-back guarantee that your KeyScan remote will work 100% perfectly, as the original one works.

Contact us for more questions related to your duplication problems and you may also visit our North York office.

Perfect Remote Copy

Making a copy of brands such as RFIDHID, Indala, AWID, IoProx, KeyScan, Salto, Paradox fob is critical, but we are doing it. FobToronto can easily find the issues related to your linear gate remote within seconds.

With the experience of more than 10 years now, it is very simple for us. With the help of advanced technology, we can duplicate your linear gate remote within 2-minutes.

We provide the fastest fob copying service in Toronto. We give a 100% guarantee that after duplicating your linear remote it will work perfectly and if it does not work correctly you may receive the service amount back.


We don’t take any hidden fees or extra service charges, just come and give the same amount as we are showing on our prices page.

 We offer the #1 fob copy service. No need to go to any other person. We are the leader of this industry and we feel proud that we are successfully offering the services for the past 10 years.

We can duplicate 90 plus fob models and KeyScan fob we are updating our technology to accelerate the duplication process. However, we advise you to review the compatibility of your linear garage remotes and fobs. To book your appointment visit our page: https://www.fobtoronto.ca/hid-key-fob-copy-appointment/

To find us just type the search term “Key Duplication Service Toronto” and we’ll be at the top of the Google results in Canada.


To copy apartment key fob or any other condo cloning services please don’t hesitate and contact us for better and reliable quality services under your budget.

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