Do you decided to change your house or you want to buy a new house? That is a great decision and you are investing a huge amount in it. Maybe you are a tenant and want to change your condo or apartment. In the above both cases you are investing a lot. Stop….. But what about the security of your new house or apartment? Are you spending on the security of your building, absolutely not will be the answer. That’s why the home break-ins are happening on daily basis in Toronto, Ontario. Almost more than 70% of people don’t invest in the safety of their homes that is a general demographic from our experience, the figures are more we know. The risk is very high when it comes to buying a new property. You should think about securing your new home before buying it. When moving to the new place, then it is a must to do lock rekeying.

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Introduction to Lock Rekeying

That is the need of the people of Toronto, ON to choose or replace their locks while changing their places. Lock rekeying means changing the internal system of it to interact with a new or different key. When we do the process then the external part remains the same and the old key becomes useless. So keep it in mind while going to the local door expert for this service. We don’t do lock rekeying but you may contact us to know more about it, we’ll help you. We deal with all types of locks and doors and we are the leader of the key duplication industry here in Toronto.



Lock Rekeying vs New Locks

The most important thing while moving into a new home is to have the lock rekeyed. Some people prefer to completely change it and some not. The entire system is expensive and plus you have to pay the amount of installation to the labour. A professional locksmith will change the entire configuration of the cylinder of it. We recommend it because that is cheaper rather than buying new locks. What should you prefer? Right your opinion in the comment section. Please compare compatible key fob here: https://www.fobtoronto.ca/key-fob-copy-check-compatibility/



When should you go for Rekeying?

a. If you bought a new place to live or work.

b. You have lost your key and afraid that someone will break-in into your place.

c. When you are not sure that the keys are in use with other people e.g. when you purchase a new house then there is no guarantee that the keys of the house are in use or not. That could be a very frustrating thing for you.

d. When you want privacy from your family then it is good to do it.



Can you do Lock Rekeying?

Changing a lock is very simple, but rekeying it required a lot of experience. “Experience matters a lot”. For this you need tools which are very expensive and in addition, it will be wasted if you did any mistake. The process does not remain the same. Different locks come with different designs. Moreover, sometimes we need extra tools and tricks. That looks simple but is not. Don’t waste your time and money hire the services of a certified and professional person. For fob copying service please book your online appointment today!

Note: Before doing it just review the condition of your lock, if it’s good then do it. Otherwise, you should buy a new one.



Is Lock Rekeying a Crime?

No, it is not a crime because that is the need of the people. The actionable thing is to hire a certified and professional person. And it should be within your area.

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That is the most basic safety requirement for your building. That little thing will add an extra layer of security to your home. It’s fast and reliable, just go to the local security expert in your area and he’ll do the job within a few minutes. We also have another office in North York for fob copying.



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