We think that security is not a big issue and sometimes we ignore it. But in fact, that is the thing which is directly associated with the lives of humans. In fact, one small mistake can take the life of anyone. Now in the modern technology era where discoveries are happening daily, security is a big problem for all the countries. Moreover Unemployment, ignorance, and illiterate is growing fastly and as a result, thieves and terrorists are borning. Now authorities should work to solve these issues by reducing unemployment, giving opportunities to the deserving people. No one knows what to do after a home burglary.

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We can measure the level of security. The best security could be a cause of trouble for the thieve. If your building, business, or house is victimized by the burglary then be patient, firstly cool your mind. After that document, the scene and review the security procedures. And break-ins could happen with anyone at any time. So please take care of your neighbourhood and make good relations with them. In fact, that little thing will be very beneficial for you and your neighbourhood.


Burglars don’t feel fear to enter your house. In fact, they use advanced tricks to enter the house or apartment. The best home security system is required to overcome this threat. If you don’t have it then you are not losing only the money. But there is no guarantee that a home security system will be enough to deal with the burglars. For more information please review our fob copying prices.


home burglary, what to do after home break-ins

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6 Things to Do After Home Burglary, Break-Ins

Please follow our tips or 6 things to do after home break-ins:



  1. Try to Leave the Building
  2. Later on when Police will Arrive
  3. Documentation of the Event
  4. Upgrade your Home Security System’s Equipment
  5. Be Prepared for the Next Break-In
  6. Contact the Security Experts



1. Try to Leave the Building

In the case of a break-in leave the home immediately, if you are first at the scene. Don’t try to hide in the home! If you do that then there is a strong possibility that the thief can kill you to save himself. Just leave the building ASAP. Now after leaving call the police and wait. If your loved ones are in the building try your best to get them out. Please click here for a discount on the key fob duplication in Toronto and North York:


2. Later on when Police will Arrive

Don’t touch anything, just tell the police about the situation clearly. Answer their questions and keep your answers to the point. The police will investigate the whole scene. And please don’t try to interfere with their procedures.


3. Documentation of the Event

Try to document the incident, make notes of the scene, and take photos. To claim money from your insurance provider you need these pictures and notes. Moreover, you should make a complete file containing pictures, notes, and receipts of the theft items. 


4. Upgrade your Home Security System’s Equipment

After the above step, please review your security process and equipment. Now make a list of your security cameras, locks, and doors that are installed into your home. Now you know what the weaknesses. Try to figure out the point and upgrade the level of building safety. We recommend making your entry point very powerful.

Now please replace the components of your door if it is damaged. Don’t replace the whole door. Change the broken locks with high-quality smart locks. Please don’t try to save your money by purchasing the traditional locks. The smart locks are very powerful in terms of safety. In addition, you may integrate these locks with access control systems. We FobTonto don’t sell smart locks but we may refer you to the best experts. For fob copy services in Toronto, you may contact us.


5. Be Prepared for the Next Break-In

After following all the steps, now you should also be prepared for the next break-in. That is the work and we know that anything at anyplace could happen. So why not if you make prepare yourself for the worst. Now you know about the process if any break-in happens in the future. Firstly try to enhance the security systems. Please reach us for copying your condo key services.


6. Contact the Security Experts

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Bonus Tips to Prevent Home Break-Ins



  1. Use solid doors with smart locks. In addition, try to lock your doors and windows to prevent home break-ins events. And please make this your habit.

2. Report the security concerns about dim lighting problems around your apartment or building.

3. Change the locks if your keys are lost. And try to use smart locks.

4. Try to change the code of your locks regularly.

5. Cover or hide your valuable items inside of your building.

6. Don’t try to share your phone with anyone.

7. Don’t show the people that you are going on the vacations or leaving your home.

8. Install high-quality security cameras.

9. Make a habit to lock your car even if it is standing at your place.

10. Be organized, keep your keys in the key box. And use different colour keys to find any key easily.


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FAQ – Home Break-Ins & Home Burglary



1. How can you stop home break-ins?

Lock all the doors and windows, hide valuable items, use security cameras, and smart locks.


2. What time of day do most home burglaries occur?

In the afternoon, between 10 am to 4 pm.


3. Do lights deter burglars?

Of course yes, a dark building always attracts them to enter.


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4. Do ring doorbells deter burglars?

No, a ring doorbell can’t deter them.


5. Do fake security cameras deter burglars?

The answer is yes for some new thieves, but the answer is no if they are experienced. Please don’t try to compromise on the security of your condo or apartment.


6. Does home burglary happen at night?

If you are at home then this will not happen. But if you are out of the building then it can happen very easily. That’s why we recommend to don’t share it socially with your friends that you are going outdoor.


7. Should you leave your front porch light on at night?

Yes of course we recommend leaving your front porch lights on at night.


8. Does in home burglary burglars smash windows?

In case if the windows are open they will enter into the building. Moreover, if the windows are closed they will try to break it or smash.


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9. How do you scare burglars away?

Use doors with smart locks keep a dog, keep the lights on, use safety cameras, and video doorbells.


10. What puts burglars off?

Lights, cameras, smart locks, access control systems.


11. Where should you not hide valuables in your house?

Bedroom, jewelry box, desk, drawer, or wooden safe.


12. Where is the safest place to store valuables?

The storeroom of your house is the safest place to store valuables.


13. Is it OK to leave lights on all night?

It is true, you should leave lights on all night. Moreover, to save electricity we recommend to use led lights. There are too many companies that are offering lights with less electricity consumption.


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14. Can burglars open a locked door?

Yes, they can if you are using traditional locks. So that’s why we recommend using smart locks. While these are expensive but these are very hard to be cracked.


15. Can burglars open a locked window?

Mostly they will break the window but the experienced thieves can do it very easily.


16. Do police ever catch burglars?

Yes, police catch them, but less than 10% of cases solved. Usually, most of them do crimes because of unemployment.


17. What to do if a burglar is in front of you?

Don’t try to run or hide if he has seen you. Try to answer his questions politely and give him the things which he demands. Secure your life instead of things.


18. Can burglar hack the smart lock door system?

It is not easy to hack the smart door. While in 98% of cases he’ll not try to open the door.


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19. Can a security camera deter burglars?

If you are using a low-quality camera then it is impossible to deter them. But in case if you are using a high-quality security camera with the lights then the possibility is almost near to 100%.


20. Can authorities stop home burglary?

They can’t stop the overall thieves, but they can reduce the percentage of it by providing jobs to the people.