The hottest and trending question about the smart locks is that: “Are smart door locks safe?” As we all know that the people don’t compromise on the security of their home, office, apartment building. While security is the main concern and should be. In addition, some people say that smart locks and technology making them very lazy. Yes, it is true but if we talk about the above question then there are different opinions of the people. In fact, Some say that smart locks are safe and some not, but from our more than 11 years of experience our answer is of course yes.

“FobToronto doesn’t sell locks” but we have in-depth knowledge about it. As we are offering key cutting and key duplication services in Toronto for the past 10 years. To better know that “are smart door locks safe” we are writing the advantages and disadvantages of the smart locks. And after that, it will be fair and easy to know what is the real answer?

Advantages of the Smart Door Locks

As we all know that there is not a single thing that appears perfect on this planet. So each thing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the smart locks. And we “FobToronto” will try to present the topic in a very simple way.

1. Fast

Smart locks are very fast. Moreover, they save time. By using the KeyScan Remote these locks open within 3 seconds. This means if we use the smart locks in commercial areas like firehouse, hospital, college then they will be very useful. By using the KeyScan remote we can open these locks within seconds. They are very beneficial in emergency times. Suppose that a fire spreads in the hospital so there are almost 100% chances that we can save the people by opening the emergency doors.

2. Easy Usage

Many people think that it is very difficult to use a smart lock. This complicated thing avoid them to use this technology. It is very easy to use these locks. In a few minutes, everyone can know how to use it. Please book a fob copy appointment today for the discounted prices.

3. Highly Secure Locks

The lock using biometric technology is highly secure. e.g if we installed the fingerprint scanner on the door then it is very difficult to hack. But in case if someone trying to open the door then an alarm sound will raise. The security level is awesome!

4. Scalability

We can use many accessible features with it like a password, fingerprint scanner, a digital card reader, voice and video identification, and much more. The new enhancements came on a regular basis. The smart locks are very scalable in real.

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Disadvantages of Smart Door Locks

Please review the disadvantages:

1. It can be Hacked

This disadvantage appears because of the owner. Another reason comes from the manufacturer or programmer. From our research of one decade, almost 80% of new smart locks can be hacked because of the low-quality locks. Now we can solve the issue by choosing a certified locksmith.

A certified locksmith will choose the best lock for you and his programming skills will be very good. In addition, he will give you a lifetime warranty for his lock and services. Of course, we recommend a local certified locksmith in your area.

2. Extra Layer Required for Protection

As we know that a smart lock work with an existing deadbolt, means they are the same as traditional locks in that way. But they don’t work with double-cylinder deadbolts. Moreover, An extra layer is recommended if you choose a smart lock. With over more than 10 years of experience, we prefer and recommend the keypad method instead of the fingerprint sensor.

are smart door locks safe, home security camera


Moreover, criminals think that there is something big inside which the building is using a smart lock. They catch the attention of the criminals. FobToronto suggests using security cameras to save yourself from this threat.

3. Lost or Stolen Phone

The smart lock can work with your phone’s Bluetooth. In case if you lost your phone somewhere then anyone can open the door very easily. While the mistake happens from the owner’s side.

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How to Keep Smart Door Locks Safe?

  1. Choose a certified local locksmith.
  2. Choose the best and top-rated company to buy a lock.
  3. Use the extra layer protection and security cameras.
  4. Use long passwords.
  5. Use the “two-factor identification method” but the feature only comes in the quality locks so please select the best lock from the best company.
  6. Regulatory update software and stay up to date. You should change the passwords on a daily basis.

We wrote the real facts. In fact, everyone has the right to know the real facts. In some cases, it is good to use these locks and in some not. We recommend to use it for at least external entrances. Please reach us for a fob copying service in Toronto.