The same question people have today: “Are smart door locks safe?” Nobody wants to compromise on his/her family security. While security is the main worry and should be. In addition, some people say that smart locks and technology making them very lazy. Yes, it is true but if we talk about the above question then there are different opinions of the people. In the eyes of some, they are not safe But we would say smart locks should be used.


“FobToronto doesn’t sell locks” but we have in-depth knowledge about it. As we are providing key cutting and key duplication services in Toronto for the previous 10 years. To better understand that “are smart door locks safe” we are writing the benefits and drawbacks of the smart locks. And later, it will be fair and simple to know what is the actual answer?



Advantages of the Smart Door Locks

As we know that there is not a single thing that appears perfect on this planet. So each thing has its own pros and cons. Today we will try to know their advantages and disadvantages. And we “FobToronto” will try to present the topic in a very easy style.



1. Fast

By utilizing the KeyScan Remote these locks can open within 3 seconds. This ensures that if we use smart locks in commercial areas then they could be very useful. They are very beneficial in emergency times. Suppose that a fire spreads in the hospital so there are almost 100% chances that we can save the people by opening the emergency doors.



2. Easy Usage

Many people believe that it is very hard to use a smart lock. This confusing thing stops them to use this technology. It is very easy to use these locks. In a few minutes, everyone can know how to use it. Please book a fob copy appointment today for the discounted prices.



3. Highly Secure Locks

The lock using biometric technology is extremely secure. e.g if we install the fingerprint scanner on the door then it is very hard to hack. But in case if someone going to open the door then an alarm sound will provoke. The security level is awesome!



4. Scalability

We can use many convenient features with it like a password, fingerprint scanner etc. The new upgrades came on a frequent basis. The smart locks are very scalable in real.

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Disadvantages of Smart Door Locks

Please review the disadvantages:



1. It can be Hacked

This disadvantage appears because of the owner. Some other reasons could come from the manufacturers or installers. After a lot of research we find that 70% of smart locks hack due to low weak locks. Now we can resolve the problem by selecting a certified locksmith.



A certified locksmith will select the finest lock for you and his programming skills will be useful. Additionally, he will offer you a lifetime warranty for his lock and services. Of course, we suggest choosing a certified locksmith in your area.



2. Extra Layer Required for Protection

As we know that a smart lock work with an active deadbolt, which means there is no significant difference between the two smart locks and a traditional lock. But they don’t work with double-cylinder deadbolts. Moreover, An additional layer is suggested if you choose a smart lock. Having more than 10 years of experience, we elect and recommend the keypad method rather than the fingerprint sensor.



are smart door locks safe, home security camera




Thieves think there is something special about the house if we use a smart lock. Smart locks grab the attention of criminals. FobToronto suggests using security cameras to secure yourself from this problem.



3. Lost or Stolen Phone

You can connect your smart locks with a mobile phone’s Bluetooth. And if you accidentally forget your mobile phone, anyone can open the door. This mistake is usually made by the owner.

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How to Keep Smart Door Locks Safe?

  1. Choose a certified local locksmith.
  2. Choose a good brand to buy it.
  3. Use some extra security features along with a smart lock.
  4. Try to use complex passwords.
  5. A good quality smart lock comes with extra features and extra identification methods that could save you from thieves.
  6. Regulatory update software and stay up to date. Get in the habit of changing your password on a daily basis.


We wrote the real facts. In fact, everyone has the right to know the real facts. It is okay for some people to use it and not for others. We recommend using it for at least outside doors. Please visit our Toronto store located at Charles Street for better fob duplication services!