Why we use Keypad locks? Of course for safety and security. Now which lock we should choose the traditional or smart lock. Yes, you got it, the smart devices are much secure, reliable, scalable, and useable than the traditional locks. These are perfect for the safety and security of the residential and commercial property. Thanks to Access Control Systems! The smart keypad lock systems are the best way to secure the property.

Want to learn more about “keyless remote systems” and their benefits? Please read the blog till the end to know the advantages of it. 

Rather than a key, these types of smart keypad lock systems require a code to grant entry to any person. The person who wants to enter into the property will write the code via a pad. If the code goes wrong several times, then the person will wait for 15 to 30 minutes. You will find this type of service from FobToronto keyless entry keypads. We have hundreds of these type keypad lock models.

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There are too many advantages to using these devices. Hopefully, we’ll discuss the main and important benefits. Please read our blog to catch more information about it.

1. Easy Installation

People think that it is very difficult to install and maintain a keyless device, they think that who will install it. So more than 50% of the business owners leave it without knowing about the advantages of it. The truth is that the installation process of keypad systems is as much faster as you are reading. It is very easy to install these on any type of door. It is just like a traditional lock, which means very easy to use. Some locks don’t need any access or connection to any source. These types of models are call battery powered.

2. Securable

Without cylinder mechanisms, these types of locks can’t are picked or hacked like traditional locks. Conventional locks are not secure as much as smart locks are. These smart keypad locks have a different design and structure. Like a conventional lock, there is no need to take the worry about a key. These are secure and reliable. The residential and commercial property owners like garage owners, car owners, and apartment tenants like this like very much. As everyone feels comfort and security after buying this smart keypad lock.

 Now no need to make any copy of the key just use it. To make changes with the pin code is as simple as you watch TV.

3. Using with Access Control Systems

We can use keypad systems as a part of the access control system. We may restrict entries, which means no one can enter the location even after if he adds the correct numeric code. That is not a wonder! These systems are designed to integrate with access control systems to enhance the security level of any company, place, or garage. 

Want to read in-depth about access control systems? Click the link to know about the overview of it. 

4. Long Life and Durable

Why take tension at any time? In the case of traditional locks, we always feel insecure about the key. We think that because we are behind modern technology. The new technology features are growing daily and we should follow these. There is no doubt that the keypads are more and much durable than the conventional locking system. Want to purchase high quality and durable keypad devices within your budget, with a lifetime warranty? Of course, your answer will be yes. We don’t sell locks but we suggest you contact the local experts in your area for purchasing smart locks.

5. One Time Investment – Lifetime Safety

Everyone knows that traditional locks are cheaper than smart, but in the case of security, health, and privacy there is no value of money. As we saw in the past that people break the locks and stole the whole items. In this case, you will feel secure, even the prices are high but the security is much important than the money to save the lives of humans.

Please don’t rely on traditional locks to save some money. You should think about it as it is a very serious issue. Just spend a few dollars at one time, and feel the safety and security for the whole life. We not offer to sell any type of locks but we are providing the key cutting and duplication services in Toronto. You may contact us by booking online appointments or just call us. We’ll reply back within minutes as we are the best fob copy service providers in Toronto and North York.

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