iCLASS SE / SEOS Key Fob Copy

To get a discount and LIFETIME WARRANTY upon multiple HID iCLASS SE key fobs visit FobToronto today! The #1 HID iCLASS SE fob copy service in Toronto.

hid iclass se fob copy

Types of iClass SE / Regular iClass Key Fobs

iClass HID Prox Key Fob Blue

iClass Regular Fob Copying

This is $75 each tax in each key fob copy as it costs more to generate the code and duplicate using OEM hardware that looks the same as your current iClass blue key fob for your condo residence or your office building.

hid iclass se fob copy

iClass SE / SEOS Fob Copying (High Security iClass)

We copy these as well and can duplicate them for $90 each. If it says “SE” on the back of the fob, then we can copy it for this rate, and even without the text there or if it’s not visible, we would have to scan it in person when you come in to our store, and you can decide if it’s worth it upon providing you the free quote. Takes more equipment and expertise to clone this high security key fob.

To Book Your HID iCLASS SE / SEOS Replacement ​Appointment:

Please choose a date & time that suits you! We’ll confirm if there’s an opening to book you in our schedule for your iCLASS SE Programming:

lifetime warranty

Are we giving any warranty?

Yep for non physically damaged keys and fobs.

money back guarantee

Do you get a Guarantee?

Obviously you get a 100% money-back guarantee. When do you plan to visit our store?

Trust FobToronto

Why trust us?

We’re working in Toronto for many years and got 850 Plus positive reviews at Google.

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Advantages of HID iCLASS SE® Key Fob

  • Secure algorithm
  • Easy to carry with
  • High frequency at 13.56 MHz
  • Could be connect with any access control system
  • Increased encryptions e.g. 128 bit, 256 bit and even more


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HID iCLASS Clone Service


We deal in almost all types of fobs e.g. Indala, Salto, ioProx, HID and more.

Make an extra copy of your HID iCLASS SE fob today! It takes 2-minutes. The functionality of your device will remain the same as your original.

We can copy 85 plus fob types – but we recommend you share the image of your key fob before visiting. Save hundreds of dollars and your time!

 Not familiar that how key fobs work? Please visit this page: https://www.fobtoronto.ca/how-key-fobs-work/