Locks are the need for everyone and we should use it but sometimes we got stuck because of it. The most annoying thing is that you are locked into your home, building, or in a car. It is a bad situation which could be harmful to you or your family. Why it happens do you know? Yep, because of the irresponsibility, and because you are not changing the lock or key of your office or home door. FobToronto North York knows these facts very well. Because we are providing #1 key duplication service in Toronto and North York.

Think that you are going to an important meeting and you lost your car key then what’ll be your expression at that time. Of course, no one will like this situation but that happens with almost 75% of the people in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. So we know that only a locksmith can help us in that bad time situation. Yep, he can make a duplicate key within minutes that can ease your difficulties, but what will happen if the locksmith scams happen to you? It could be happening more than your expectations. So today FobToronto North York will discuss the general locksmith scams and we’ll figure out how we can spot scams and avoid locksmith scams.

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Identifying Scammers: North York FobToronto

Let’s find out how they can work and make frauds with the people. What are their strategies to cheat the people:

1. Their Visibility

Normally these scammers use ads and the wrong names which they select for their companies. They get rankings on social media and on other platforms such as Google. They could be a company or a single person.

2. Low-Cost Prices

To make a scam with anyone they offer low-cost prices. Normally they offer the prices which are far behind then the market rates. To make a scam with anyone they can do anything.

3. They will Charge More

And finally, they will arrive at your location to solve your problems. And now what they will do? Yep, they will make unusual problems with your lock, door, or with the key, just to charge you more. They don’t want to get your call again in the future, because they are scammers and they cheat different people on a daily.

4. Invisible after the Services

Yep, when they will charge you extra money and you will be not happy with their services then they will be invisible in the future. You will call them and they will not respond to your call because they know that they cheated you.

5. Home Burglary

And after charging you more they have a copy of your key. It is very easy for them to make a copy of your door key. Moreover, now they can break into your home at any time and at any stage. Mostly they work as a group, so don’t think that your house or building is going to be safe after choosing their services.

How to Avoid a Locksmith Scam?

The things which you should consider before hiring any locksmith person or a company:

1. Review Their Presence

Before hiring anyone it is a request that please review their online presence. If their website is looking good and they have got hundreds of positive reviews from different people in their area then you should choose them. As we are serving in the fob copy market for the past 10 years. And in addition, FobCouver and MinuteFob are our partners. We have a good reputation in the key duplication service in Toronto, ON. Plus you may review over 380 google my business reviews at your GMB listing. You may blindly trust us just to review the expressions of our customers and what they are talking about us. And how we solved their problems within minutes and saved their time and money.

2. Ask for Their Identity

When they will arrive at your place then you may ask them to show their ID. If there is any type of fraud then they will not show their ID.

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3. Review the Documentations

Before giving them a job you may ask them to show their company invoice or letterhead. And in addition, you should ask them to make an estimate before starting the job. You can also request them to show any type of portfolio or a reference.

4. Reject the Lock Drilling Request

If they request you to that they want to drill your lock then reject them. Otherwise, they will break your lock just to earn extra money.

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Now we hope that you know how to avoid these scams. We want you, your family, and your neighbors’ safety. Please do research before hiring any person or a company for this type of security. Home burglary is rising very quickly and we should work on it to secure our society. 


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People Asked Questions:



a. Should you trust a locksmith?

Before trusting anyone we suggest you do research. Check their availability and reviews from the different people in their local area.


b. Is key duplication a secure thing?

Yep, it is secure when you choose a trusted key maker in your local area. Who has a physical shop?


c. Can a locksmith enter into my house?

Yep, if you hired a scammer then the possibility is 100% then he will break into your house.


d. Can a locksmith open any lock?

Yep, he can do it within minutes without breaking your locks. If he is a professional and a certified locksmith he can do it very easily.


e. How do you unlock a lock without a key?

You required tools for it and it depends on the locking system of your door.


f. Is it illegal to break into your own house?

No way is that not a crime to break into your own house. But if any other person does that then this is a crime.


g. What is entering without breaking?

Entering without breaking means a burglar enters your house without breaking any lock or window.


h. How much does rekeying a house cost?

It depends on the locking system and your location. If the locksmith is out of your area then of course he will charge more from you. That’s why we suggest you take the service of a local person.