Duplicate your RFID Fob for condos and apartments. Please bring us your high encryption MiFare, HID iClass, high-security key fobs. We can duplicate remotes to access your parking garage in just 5-minutes and can make a fob for your phone from any RFID fob or remote.

Fobs use RFID technology to transfer signals passively from your fob to your building reader. Fobs can easily be reset and reprogrammed and management can set restrictions depending on your security access compared to metal keys.

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We started phone fobs that can fit inside your phone case or stick to the backside of any phone so you can easily and conveniently enter your building. If you possess a condo fob, then you likely use it to get inside your apartment more than once daily. Having a fob attached to your phone can save you the trouble of finding your keys in your bag etc. NFC is different from RFID and is used for mobile payments. The best solution for phone fobs is to make it fit outside your phone. Please come visit and get our superb fob duplication services.

Please read our blog for more information on How RFID Works and How Fobs Work.

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