Duplicate your RFID Fob with FobToronto

Duplicate your RFID Fob for condos and apartments. Please bring us your high encryption MiFare, HID iClass, high-security key fobs. We can duplicate remotes to access your parking garage in just 5-minutes and can make a fob for your phone from any RFID fob or remote.

Fobs use RFID technology to transfer signals passively from your fob to your building reader. Fobs can easily be reset and reprogrammed and management can set restrictions depending on your security access compared to metal keys.

Below is a video of us explaining and showing what’s involve in copying your key fob in Toronto. It doesn’t matter which type of fob you have, we’ll clone it into one of our black blank key fobs with genuine RFID chips to ensure you get the same access for your building for your amenities, doors, lobby, etc. 

 We use hardware that can clone electromagnetic signals that are emitted from your asset tag for your building to read and decrypt the key fob data into a new one. It requires special knowledge to ensure for that respective type of key fob to have the right segments to be cloned properly, even a digit being cloned incorrectly could lead to an incorrectly cloned key fob that may not work long term. Also because of the type of key fobs we supply, it is physically durable enough to last years into the future for as many years as you need it as a tenant or owner of your condo unit. 

We also make a habit of triple checking key fob codes after we clone, and also provide a backup code of it in case it’s lost in the future for you to purchase again if lost or stolen. This way, you can always reference your key fob without having a working copy on you, which adds to the convenience factor as we can just pull up the data from the code for us to create another key fob without scanning in the future. Keep in mind this only applies when the fob is still working with the same code that we have read in the past, and that management may change the codes around periodically. In that situation, however, the old fob code will not be of use because it cannot be created from into working fashion any longer as that number is outdated and no longer authorized to be used with that particular building. 

 We can clone all types of them including the fobs from the garage remote units used to access parking units, and garage remotes we do in more of a limited fashion and depends on the type of remote if we can clone them or not. Please provide a picture of the remote to our number at 613 931 0225 to check if it’s compatible, you’ll hear from us in the next 1 business day to ensure compatibility and if it suits your key fob access needs. 






The array of Fob Models from FobToronto Fob Copy

We started phone fobs that can fit inside your phone case or stick to the backside of any phone so you can easily and conveniently enter your building. If you possess a condo fob, then you likely use it to get inside your apartment more than once daily. Having a fob attached to your phone can save you the trouble of finding your keys in your bag etc. NFC is different from RFID and is used for mobile payments. The best solution for phone fobs is to make it fit outside your phone. Please come visit and get our superb fob duplication services.

Please read our blog for more information on How RFID Works and How Fobs Work.