RFID Key Fob Phone Guide | Sticky Key Fob

We can copy your access tag for your condo to a sticky RFID key tag, to be attached on the back of your phone.

Make Your Phone a Fob.

 To begin with, access your unit and amenities way more easily with a small, portable, and discreet tag using your own phone. Curious about sticky fob price rates, sticky fob programming, or sticky fob replacement process? You’ve come to the right place!

How To Get a Sticky Fob Copied!

Step 1:

Above all determine which fob you currently have from the compatibility checker

Step 2:

Message FobToronto on Facebook using our automated chatbot, or give us a call / text with a picture of your access card / tag

Step 3:

Let us know which fob you prefer out of the fob form options (more in our gallery of key fobs)

Step 4:

If you prefer a sticky tag to attach on your phone, let us know

Step 5:

Just be aware that we can copy it from any of the following models, HID, AWID, Indala, KeyScan, IoProx and more

 Step 6:

The new key tag uses 3M adhesive technology to ensure it stays on for good. It’s very solid and works effectively to transmit the hexadecimal code. That code grants access to your amenities as your original does, and untreaceable by management. 

Step 7: 

You also on the way out, get a free backup code that lies on your key fob. So in case you lose your fob in the future or need an extra. For us to prepare for you, you can have it handy for just in case purposes. Also, our lifetime warranty applies on the transaction. Just barring physical damage (hairline, bends, cracks) or management fob code changes that they could execute in super rare occasions. But other than that, if we messed up at all, we’re here to fix it. Also we offer a 2 week no matter what warranty to ensure you have a fob that’s working for long term.

Ready? Set? Save!

Now that you know you’re compatible, you’re ready to start the journey to come visit us at our location.

More Details Before Next Steps:

We do our best with being up to date with the list of key fob types. We can copy on our website, but most of them are do-able based on your selection.

There may some exceptions, but condo key fob types for the main door plus elevator are 100% compatible. And about half of that likelihood for garage remotes which we can copy as well.

Pricing varies for the type of service you’d like to purchase. All including lifetime warranty (excluding physical damage, battery replacements of remotes, code changes by management).

We also now have a storefront that you can come by 10 to 7 daily. We will be happy to meet you! If you don’t have time to coordinate your schedule.

Please come by and ask us any questions. You may have on how it works. Will you be covered by the warranty in specific cases, etc? We’re more than happy to answer any questions. And help you see that getting a new fob copied externally is a move worth considering, as condo management charges up to $400 to copy your fob with a 2 week turnaround time on average.

We’re open Monday to Sunday, holidays usually we open as well. See you soon!


More Questions?

Email: Paul@fobtoronto.co
Toronto phone number: 416-931-0225