How to copy a key fob? We break down our 3-step key fob copying process to give you all the information you need to stay informed. Of course, we program your new fob using the same hexadecimal access code as your original fob.

Each type of fob has encryption to protect the data on your fob. Codes are hexadecimal numbers that need to be decrypted in order to write the decrypted data onto a new fob copy. Now it is a question that can you copy a key fob? Yes sure please follow the steps:


Copy Your Key Fob


  1. We accurately read your fob data (Fob type and code),
  2. In addition, we decode and decrypt each fob to get the access code,
  3. While we take the decrypted data and write it onto a new fob copy. Same access and code as your original copy.

Can this be done with an app?

Since all phones don’t have the right radio chip to transmit the correct signal (NFC), now our RFID phone fobs are the best solution.

Will the adhesive last for phone fobs with stickers?

Yes we use the best 3m adhesive available. We also have phone fobs with keychains.

What if it doesn’t work?

Surely, we’ll issue a 100% refund in that case. Albeit, we triple check that it is working perfectly before you purchase your new fob.

How long will it take?

Standard key fob copying takes 1-minute.

While high encryption high security MiFare, HID iClass are more difficult to copy and can take up to 5-minutes.

Remote key copying takes up to 5-minutes.