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Fob stands for frequency-operated button.

While a security fob is a pocket-sized wireless remote control device. That is designed to fit on a keychain.

A key fob is a small electronic security device. Moreover, it has built-in authentication protocols or mechanisms to allow whoever possesses it to enter a secured network or location in order to access data or service.

Fobs are very useful tools for security, authentication, and identification. They operate by granting access or restricting entry to buildings, apartments, condos, and other properties using a unique lock and moreover key fob combo.

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We digitally transmit your condo fob code onto your new fob. Since we do it using the exact hexadecimal numerical code as the original copy.

We supply professionally Epoxied (hot-glued) “frequency-operated buttons”. That uses a larger coil to transmit data from your fob to your building seamlessly. It works perfectly, and we guarantee it for life!

In addition we can also copy RFID Garage Remotes. Now please text us a photo of your fob or remote to see if you qualify!

***Moreover we do not cut keys or copy laser point-clickers.***

***Hexadecimal is a numerical system made up of 16 symbols (base 16). While the standard numerical system uses 10 symbols (base 10) and is called decimal. Hexadecimal uses decimal numbers and 6 extra symbols. 0-9 and A-F representing values 0-16. ***

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