ICT Remote Duplication

Change that today and copy one or more ICT remotes and other keyless fobs with our special pricing inclusive of the LIFETIME WARRANTY! The #1 ICT remote duplication service in Toronto.

ICT remote duplication
Types of ICT Remotes

2 Buttons ICT Garage Remote

A wireless 433MHz TWO Buttons Remote.

4 Buttons ICT Garage Remote

A wireless RF-REM4-433-HID26 FOUR Buttons Remote.

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lifetime warranty

Do we give any warranty?

Yes for non physically damaged fobs.

money back guarantee

Is there any Guarantee?

Surely you get a 100% money-back guarantee. Now when you’re coming to our store?

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Could you trust us?

We’re serving in Toronto for many years and got 800 Plus positive reviews at Google.

Hurry to Save Your Time & Money!

  • Make an extra copy of your ICT remotes today! It takes 2-minutes.
  • The functionality of your remote will remain the same as your original.
  • We recommend you check the compatibility of your remote before visiting our store.


ICT Remotes Copy


We deal in all types of fobs and remotes. It takes only 5 minutes when you come to us. Save hundreds of dollars and your time!

No need to go anywhere because we can copy all types of remotes e.g. Infrared (IR), Liftmaster, Linear, KeyScan and we’re also able to replace your garage remote battery.

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